Our mission is to make writing fun for everyone.

Pen and I Publishing design and sell paperback notebooks for people who remember how good it can feel when you put your thoughts down on paper. My paperback notebooks are for those who still love the feel of a pen in the hand, and a note on the page. Because without paper, I don't know... but maybe the world would be a colder more digital place and who wants that? Not our customers that's for sure.

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civil partnership planner

Planners And More

Along with plain ruled notebooks we also create planners and practical notebooks like this civial partnership planner. It provides a space for up to 30 guests to write words of encouragement and advice.

Advice Notebook
Christmas Carol

GCSE English Help

As well as journals, planners and notebooks we also create a small collection of tuition texts that will help anyone studying GCSE Literature.

A Christmas Carol

Ruled Notebooks

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